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We love Vets and Vet Techs! And you love Andersen right back, because we make your lives easier. Here are some stories about the romance between Andersen and everyone in the Veterinary Industry. Enjoy!

Before your patients start making excuses to avoid seeing you, it's time to step up your infection control with an Andersen sterilizer. Take advantage of this Andersen sterilizer discount through November 30, 2023.

No Excuses! Promotion

Before your patients start making excuses to avoid seeing you, it’s time to step up your infection control. Now through November 30, veterinary practices receive 10% discount off of any Andersen Sterilizer. Sign at a trade show booth and also receive free shipping.

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Ethylene Oxide Risk vs. Reward, EndoPro Mag

Ethylene Oxide Risk vs. Reward

“EO sterilization has continued to advance since the ’60s and ’70s, and while there are still risks, updates to the delivery technology, EO’s materials compatibility, and penetration capabilities mean there are rewards to the modality that you should consider,” said Seth Hendee of Healthmark Industries, Inc. in his article Ethylene Oxide Risk vs Reward.

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H2O2's overblown safety claims are dangerous

H2O2’s overblown safety claims are dangerous

All chemicals capable of achieving terminal sterility are inherently dangerous requiring exposure monitoring, training and engineered redundancies designed to offer the highest level of operator protection. Claiming your sterilant is “safe” and “non-toxic” does a serious disservice to users who may, then, not treat the sterilant with the respect it deserves. Our aim in this post is not to compare H2O2 and EO (both are potentially dangerous and must be used with care). Instead, we hope to demonstrate widespread instances of operator injury in hopes of encouraging fair comparison and careful use.

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Vet Tech Tips Header

Vet Tech Tips

An experienced veterinary technician gives tips on how to get the most from your Andersen Sterilizer. Each short video is less than two minutes and focuses on topics designed to make a vet tech’s job just a little bit easier. This week: Have You Outgrown Your Sterilization Solution?

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