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Sterilization made simple.

Andersen is proud to offer terminal sterilization solutions to many industries. All are competitively priced, easy to use and offer unparalleled versatility.

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Lab sterilization game-changer

You'll find our sterilization solutions are a vital tool for bringing your lab projects to a timely and successful conclusion!

No more long waits for outsourced sterilization or laborious in-house processes. Our sterilization systems are found in top universities across the country - because they are a practical tool that give researchers greater control over their process.

Commonly Sterilized Items

The items you could sterilize are as limitless as potential areas of research. With Andersen, achieve 10-6 SAL terminal sterilization of:

  • Complex devices
    • Mated surfaces
    • Long narrow lumens
    • Elevator mechanisms
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Non-wovens/Cellulose
  • Electronics
  • Robotics
  • Fiber optics
  • Batteries
EO sterilization options for research organizations
IN-HOUSE Sterilization

Make Sterilization Part of Your Production Process

Anprolene AN75i, EOGas 4, EOGas 310, EOGas 333
Anprolene AN75i, EOGas 4, EOGas 310, EOGas 333

Consider purchasing an Andersen sterilizer for in-house sterilization if you:

  • Require sterile processing of items in smaller lots
  • You have items or devices that are sensitive to heat or moisture
  • Have a wide variety of items to sterilize (EO is the most versatile method available)
  • Need to sterilize frequently

Opting for In-House sterilization garners several benefits:

  • Speed up the pace of research with on-site sterilization
  • Mitigate contamination concerns by keeping samples in the lab
  • Our sterilizers have a small footprint
  • Feature easy, inexpensive installation
    • No tanks, external compressors or fixed water lines
  • Are extremely affordable – essential equipment in every wet lab
  • Are self contained units – The liner bag acts as the chamber and the cabinet acts at the EO containment area or vent hood
  • Are easy to use and come with a gas sterilization expert, providing free training and decades experience working with environmental and health industry regulators
  • Control every aspect of your sterilization workflow and improve your ability to manage inventory
  • Reduced sterilization turnaround time
  • Reduced transportation costs and environmental impact
  • Allowed in municipalities where other gas sterilizers are not, due to Andersen’s ultra-low emissions

Three in-house sterilizer line choices

AN75 Series is FDA Cleared



A favorite of universities and research labs! This tabletop sterilizer is easy to install and operate. Validated to achieve a 10-6 SAL at room temperature (<68ºF) with a 12- or 24-hour cycle.

EOGas 4 is FDA Cleared



Temperature-controlled tabletop unit with four cycles as fast as 3.5 hours (including aeration). Low temp for R&D and heated for those scaling-up to a validated process.

EOGas 333



Use this large volume system as part of a validated process. Expand capacity easily as needs increase. Customers are sterilizing up to 10 pallets a month with this option.

Contract Sterilization
Chambers inside our contract sterilization facility: Andersen Scientific
Chambers inside our contract sterilization facility: Andersen Scientific

State-of-the-Art Facility Offering Custom Cycles and Fast Turnaround

Consider contract sterilization at Andersen’s award-winning, FDA-registered and ISO-approved facility (Andersen Scientific) if you:

  • Cannot sterilize in-house (larger items or too much)
  • Require new custom cycle development and/or validation
  • Need sterilization testing of new devices
  • Need package validations for sealers, pouches and other packaging systems

Opting for Andersen contract sterilization offers these benefits:

  • In-depth R&D experience relative to sterilization
  • Industry experts – Andersen representatives are longstanding members of the AAMI and ISO committees that create the standards used in the industry
  • Rapid turnaround: devices/products can be sterilized and shipped back out within time frames, that meet your needs:
    • Two weeks
    • One week
    • 24 to 48 hours
  • Can customize cycles to meet your specific requirements


  • Validation
    • Sterilization process
    • Packaging (including sealer)
    • Shelf-life & transportation studies
    • Residual testing
  • Contract sterilization
  • Lab services


Achieves FDA-required 10-6 sterility assurance level (SAL) for terminal sterilization of medical devices. In fact, we have 15 recent FDA clearances.


Our exclusive EO-Flexible Chamber Technology and the resulting ability to use a microdose of EO has garnered two national awards.


With Andersen you can choose in-house sterilization, contract or both. Any way you slice it, Andersen makes it so easy.


High capacity, small footprint. Sterilize a lot without taking up much space. From tabletop to refrigerator-sized - Andersen has a unit to fit your needs.


Our in-house systems allow you to expand incrementally and virtually indefinitely based on your needs. You can also expand use of our contract option as needed.


Oversee every aspect of your sterilization workflow and improve your ability to manage inventory.

Anprolene AN74i

Our newest Anprolene series, the FDA-cleared AN75, recently launched and offers upgrades ideal for a laboratory setting.

In-house university research case study

Researchers at a leading university needed to sterilize pollen on a microbial level for a study on bee feeding habits. The sterilization method had to be gentle and effective. The team had been bogged down with a time-intensive process in-house and it didn’t want to risk contamination or delays by sending pollen out to be sterilized.

The university research team purchased an Anprolene AN74i. Anprolene is our most affordable option and the room temperature cycles are gentle enough…well…to sterilize pollen!

The sterilizer has made their process more “efficient and effective” so the doctors and their team can concentrate on what they do best. Note: Many facilities will install an inexpensive Anprolene unit in each lab to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination.

Why ethylene oxide (EO/EtO) sterilization?

Ethylene oxide is the gold standard in sterilization. It offers hospital-level sterility assurance (10⁻⁶) along with
unparalleled gentleness and material compatibility.