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EOGas 3

Fast and Simple Gas Sterilization

EOGas 3 sterilizers combine smart design and ease of use. A micro-processor keeps track of the bags in the sterilizer, so the operator may load new bags or unload finished bags while others are in process.

Our manufacturing, research and high-volume veterinary customers say they appreciate the flexibility of three modes of operation as well as 10-6 SAL terminal sterilization and aeration in the one cabinet.


Easy Interface

Easy to use interface and digital display. Sterilization status and cabinet temperature shown throughout the cycle. 

10.5g EO Cartridge

Terminal sterility with 90% less EO than any other system on the market. Cartridge protects the hermetically sealed glass EO ampoule from accidental activation.

35L Sterilization Bag

Extra-large capacity lets you make the most of every cycle. The only multi-load sterilizer allowing users to add new loads while others are processing.

16 Hour Cycle

Designed to achieve FDA-required 10-6 sterility assurance level for terminal sterilization of most medical devices. Includes aeration. Sterilization and aeration in the one cabinet.

Free Operator Training

It’s like having a sterilization expert on staff! Free operator training for the life of your sterilizer and free 24/7 support.

EOGas 310

Unmatched Compatibility

The EOGas 3’s temperature-controlled cabinet sterilizes at low temperature without external vacuum lines or steam injection. Protects your most delicate instruments, electronics, drills, fiber optics, hand pieces and cameras. As well as those plastic, fabric, cellulose or rubber items that you can’t sterilize with other methods. Most any item with the exception of food, drugs or liquids.

Smart Cabinet Design

Operator safety is our first priority, this is reflected in the design and operation of the EOGas 3 systems. The combination of the sealed sterilization cabinet and variable speed exhaust extractor give users confidence they can hear each time they open the door.

Make your System Zero Emissions

The Andersen AN5200 abator is a simple, drum-based system designed to remove more than 99% of the EO from the exhaust stream of an EOGas 3 sterilizer. The replaceable drum employs a dry catalyst resin that converts ethylene oxide to biodegradable organic compounds. Replaceable abator drum has a 1,800 cycle capacity. Spent drums are non-hazardous.

Commonly Sterilized Items
  • Skin Staplers / Staple Removers
  • Sutures
  • Ligasure
  • Hemoclips
  • Penrose drains
  • Light handle covers
  • Skin markers
  • Drills / Dremel with attachments
  • TPLO saws and blades
  • Electrocautery instruments and lines, monopolar or bipolar
  • Foley catheters
  • Ear cones
  • Anesthesia reservoir bags
  • X-ray plate covers
  • Tubing
    • Suction
    • Endotracheal
    • Anesthesia
  • Bandage material for surgical packs
    • Vet wrap
    • Tape
    • Gauze
    • Drape
    • Lap sponges
  • Sharps/metal
    • Dental instruments and burs
    • Curettes
    • Speculums
    • Alligator forceps
    • Orthopedic pins
  • Isolation ward items
    • Syringe pumps
    • Fluid pumps
    • Thermometers
EOGas-3-Logo-m EOGas 310
EOGas 310EOGas 333
DescriptionTabletop sterilizer cabinet, extractor and heat sealerFreestanding sterilizer cabinet, extractor and heat sealer
Interior23.5″ L x 24.5″ W x 26.5″ H28.5″ L x 31″ W x 64″ H
Capacity10 cu ft (130 L)33 cu ft (930 L)
Cabinet Weight285 lbs (130 kg)630 lbs (286 kg)
Extractor Weight10 lbs (4.5 kg)10 lbs (4.5 kg)
Exhaust RequirementsDedicated 3″ (7.6 cm) discharge ventDedicated 3″ (7.6 cm) discharge vent
Power Requirements220 – 240V +/- 10%, 5.4 Amps220 – 240V +/- 10%, 5.4 Amps

To order, call: 800.523.1276 or View all EOGas 3 Accessories


Andersen provides free training for as many operators as required, for the lifetime of any of its sterilizers.


Have You Outgrown Your Sterilization Solution?

Have you outgrown your Anprolene? In this Vet Tech Tips episode we talk about the EOGas 4 with it’s 3-hour exposure cycle and the EOGas 310 that allows you to run up to six loads independently.

Why Ethylene Oxide (EO/EtO) Sterilization?

Ethylene oxide is the gold standard in sterilization. It offers hospital-level sterility assurance (10⁻⁶) along with
unparalleled gentleness and material compatibility.

Why Andersen?

High Capacity

With the EOGas 3, run 6-10 independent cycles. Load new bags or unload finished bags while others are in process.


Maximum performance, minimum gas. Just 10.5g of EO – more than 90% less gas than any other sterilizer on the market.

Gentle icon


Terminal sterility with zero damage. No high heat, steam, deep vacuum, oxidation or corrosion.

Easy to use

The simple interface makes using our sterilizers a breeze. Set it and forget it. Plus free training for life.