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Why EO?

Meet ethylene oxide (EO/EtO) the powerful yet gentle sterilant with a proven 70-year track record.

Designing and manufacturing gas sterilizers for the veterinary, medical, research and manufacturing markets.

American made, family-owned and trusted for over 60 years. We take ethylene oxide sterilization to the next level with our exclusive EO – Flexible Chamber Technology.


Our FDA-cleared sterilizers offer terminal sterility, an ultra gentle cycle and unparalleled compatibility. Safely sterilize a wide range of delicate instruments, sharps, plastic, cellulose, rubber and other items that would degrade in your autoclave.


Veterinary practices around the world have prefered our tabletop EO sterilizers to reprocess their most delicate instruments for over 60 years. They are the most cost-effective, gentle and versatile low-temperature sterilizers available.


Keep sterilization in-house and cut down on turnaround time and the possibility of contamination. From universities to independent labs – our sterilizers are indispensable research tools in hundreds of facilities.


Whether you need to sterilize a single custom medical device at a time or the equivalent of 10 pallets of product per month, we have solutions for you. If you’re having headaches sterilizing your product in a timely fashion or you simply want more control, this is your answer.

We have a sterilizer to fit your needs.

ValueAnprolene AN75i is FDA Cleared

Anprolene AN75

The only FDA-cleared, room-temperature gas sterilization solution on the market. When space is at a premium, Anprolene is king. All this at a very affordable price point.
SpeedThe EOGas 4 is FDA cleared

EOGas 4

The FDA-cleared EOGas 4 has four cycles to choose from. The fastest is just 3.5 hours. If you use the same high-dollar instrument more than once a day, this one’s for you!
CapacityEOGas 3

EOGas 3

Need a constant flow of sterile instruments for multiple specialists? Run 6-10 loads independently – start a new one while others are in process. Units can be validated.

Contract Sterilization

In need of a small-batch contract sterilization? We have a quick turn-around solution: Contract sterilization our FDA-registered and ISO-approved facility Andersen Scientific.

Andersen Scientific sterilization chambers

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