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Stories relating to research, including university, agricultural science, biotechnology and government.

Ethylene Oxide Risk vs. Reward, EndoPro Mag

Ethylene Oxide Risk vs. Reward

“EO sterilization has continued to advance since the ’60s and ’70s, and while there are still risks, updates to the delivery technology, EO’s materials compatibility, and penetration capabilities mean there are rewards to the modality that you should consider,” said Seth Hendee of Healthmark Industries, Inc. in his article Ethylene Oxide Risk vs Reward.

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Newsbrief NCBioTech Header

Andersen Partners with North Carolina Biotechnology Center to Advance Life Sciences Industry

Andersen recently welcomed leadership from North Carolina Biotechnology Center (NCBiotech) to tour its manufacturing campus in Haw River, NC, and industrial sterilization sister company, Andersen Scientific in Morrisville, NC. Andersen works with NCBiotech to provide critical sterilization resources for start-ups, R&D departments and companies developing strategies to bring devices to market in North Carolina.

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