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Our low temperature gas sterilizers achieve terminal sterility using 90% less gas than any other sterilizer on the market. They have unparalleled compatibility as well as being easy to use and install – a seamless addition to any setting.

Anprolene AN75 Series

The only FDA-cleared, room-temperature gas sterilization solution on the market. When space is at a premium, Anprolene is king. All this at a very affordable price point.
The EOGas 4 is FDA cleared

EOGas 4

The FDA-cleared EOGas 4 has four cycles to choose from. The fastest is just 3.5 hours. If you use the same high-dollar instrument more than once a day, this one’s for you!
EOGas 3

EOGas 3

Need a constant flow of sterile instruments for multiple specialists? Run 6-10 loads independently – start a new one while others are in process. Units can be validated.


Discover all the ethylene oxide sterilization accessories and consumables available from Andersen Sterilizers, including gas refills for your equipment.