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Sterilization made simple.

Andersen is proud to offer terminal sterilization solutions to many industries. All are competitively priced, easy to use and offer unparalleled versatility.


Large capacity, small footprint

When you’re operating on a whole different scale, feather, fin or claw Andersen has you covered. Low temperature gas sterilization puts our specialty partners in control: in control of your equipment and inventory with non-damaging sterilization. We have sterilizer models to fit any need and budget, putting you in control of your finances too.

Commonly Sterilized Items
  • Baby bottles
  • Birth Control
  • Rigid endoscopes / Gastroscopes
  • Air sac cannulas
  • Biopsy tools
  • Dart needles for a blow pipe or CO2 pistol
  • Artificial insemination supplies
  • OB sleeves
  • Anesthesia circuits/ET tubes
  • Transponders
  • Dental instruments
  • Feathers, snake skins, owl pellets & other biofacts for animal enrichment and (human) education
  • Skin Staplers / Staple Removers
  • Sutures
  • Vessel sealers - LigaSure
  • Hemoclips
  • Penrose drains
  • Light handle covers
  • Skin markers
  • Drills / Dremel with attachments
  • TPLO saws and blades
  • Electrocautery instruments and lines, monopolar or bipolar
  • Tubing
  • Bandage material for surgical packs: Vet wrap, tape, gauze, drape, lap sponges
  • Sharps/metal
  • Isolation ward items: Syringe pumps, fluid pumps, thermometers
  • Foley catheters
  • Ear cones
  • Anesthesia reservoir bags
  • X-ray plate covers


Low acquisition and per cycle cost. Easy and inexpensive installation. Many practices see full return on investment in a few months or even a few weeks.

Solid Business Practice

You don’t want superbugs haunting your clinic: endangering your patients, staff and the stability of your practice. You need a terminal sterilization solution.

Free Training

Our sterilizers are very easy to use and you get free training for the life of your sterilizer. Plus you get a sterilization expert on your team, ready to answer any questions.

Save Time

When you think about staff time management, don’t just consider cycle time, also consider capacity. Instead of running all day, staff can run one cycle overnight.

Patient Wellness

You give our fuzzy (scaled, plumed and otherwise decorated) friends the best care. This is just one more aspect of providing your patients and their parents the best.

Operator Safety

Our exclusive technology works behind the scenes to keep your staff safe. The microdose of EO and smart cabinet design are just two of these safeguards.

Why ethylene oxide (EO/EtO) sterilization?

Ethylene oxide is the gold standard in sterilization. It offers hospital-level sterility assurance (10⁻⁶) along with
unparalleled gentleness and material compatibility.

Zoo & Aquarium Favorites

ValueAnprolene AN75i is FDA Cleared

Anprolene AN75

The only FDA-cleared, room-temperature gas sterilization solution on the market. When space is at a premium, Anprolene is king. All this at a very affordable price point.
SpeedThe EOGas 4 is FDA cleared

EOGas 4

The FDA-cleared EOGas 4 has four cycles to choose from. The fastest is just 3.5 hours. If you use the same high-dollar instrument more than once a day, this one’s for you!
CapacityEOGas 3

EOGas 3

Need a constant flow of sterile instruments for multiple specialists? Run 6-10 loads independently - start a new one while others are in process. Units can be validated.

Vet Tech Tips

An experienced veterinary technician gives tips on how to get the most from your Andersen Sterilizer. Each short video is less than two minutes and focuses on topics designed to make a vet tech’s job just a little bit easier. This week: Have You Outgrown Your Sterilization Solution?

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