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Operator Training

Are you using your Andersen Sterilizer to its full potential?

Free operator sterilizer training with our gas sterilization experts available now – via phone or video conferencing.

Digital sterilizer Training, entire staff earned sterilization certification

The sterilant all Andersen sterilizers uses is called ethylene oxide (EO or EtO). EO is a powerful anti-microbial agent. Like all powerful anti-microbial agents, it can be dangerous if not handled correctly. To help ensure that your sterilizer is operated following manufacturers guidelines, and sterilization best practices, all personnel who operate or maintain the equipment need to be properly trained.

The Andersen Key Operator Certification Program is available free of charge for the lifetime of your sterilizer. We recommend that all operators at your facility are trained before they use the sterilizer for the first time.

We can train individual staff as they come on-board or give a refresher to your whole staff.

Steps to get certified:

  • Contact your Andersen Account Manager to request a copy of the Key Operator Study Guide for your sterilizer.
  • Contact your Andersen Account Manager to schedule your 20 minute test.
  • Key Operator Certificate provided upon completion. Certification is transferable.
  • FREE operator training for the life of the sterilizer!

The Benefits of Having a Sterilization Training & Certificate when Using Ethylene Oxide

Having sterilization training and certification in using Ethylene Oxide (EO) equips personnel with critical safety and operational knowledge, ensuring the proper handling and application of EtO, a potent sterilizing agent. This training fosters an understanding of EO’s chemical properties and its effects, minimizing potential health risks while maximizing sterilization effectiveness. 

Furthermore, a certificate in EtO sterilization training serves as a professional credential, demonstrating an individual’s competence in following industry standards and regulations, thereby enhancing workplace safety and product reliability. 

This dual focus on safety and efficacy is essential for maintaining high-quality care and compliance in environments where EtO sterilization is employed.

Are you certified?