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VOX Wuhan

9 charts that explain the coronavirus pandemic: What symptoms are most common, which groups are most at risk, and more

Things took a dramatic turn in the US yesterday in relation to COVID-19. Here is a interesting snapshot, shown in 9 infographics. – Andersen

Vox Media — The outbreak of Covid-19, a coronavirus-caused illness that originated in Wuhan, China, and has since spread to most of the world, is one of the most serious public health crises in decades

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Prairie Dog eats vaccine

Plague-Infected Prairie Dogs Cause Parks to Close Near Denver

Smithsonian — In late July, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service shut down the 15,000-acre Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge north of the city when fleas infected with the plague bacterium Yersinia pestis were found in the refuge’s black-tailed prairie dog colonies. “We are closing trails and spraying an insecticide to kill fleas in plague-affected areas where there might be humans.”

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