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Film Series Tells Andersen Sterilizers’ Story of Innovation & Disruption

Get a behind-the-scenes tour with Beyond Clean!

Beyond the Tour Episode highlighting Andersen's history of innovation and disruption

Andersen’s Episode

  • Hear what drove founder, Dr. Harold W. Andersen, to innovate disruptive technology
  • Learn how Andersen has harnessed technology to transform EO into a safe, 21st-century sterilant
  • Step onto our manufacturing floors and witness the dedication and artistry that goes into hand-crafting every sterilizer
  • Experience the family-like culture fostered at this American manufacturer

Beyond Clean

Beyond Clean – self-described as a “central nexus for the people, products and processes that are pushing the sterile processing industry forward” – produces a podcast and offers consulting, education and research to the industry.

“Beyond the Tour”

These episodes fuse high-quality film and in-depth thematic industry discussions. Each episode takes the viewer inside a healthcare manufacturer and uncovers the true company culture in a relaxed real-life commentary about individuals and the journeys that brought them there. Through interviews, discussions and filmed tours of the products and facilities, you’ll get a look inside some of the most innovative and disruptive companies in healthcare today, in a way that appeals to the general public and healthcare professionals alike.

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Beyond Clean, creators innovation and disruption in the industry, Informed Consent CE

1 CE Webinar Available Here

How much does a surgical patient really know about what is about to happen to them when they go under anesthesia?

This CE-approved webinar hosted by Beyond Clean Founder & President, Hank Balch, discusses the theme of “informed consent,” but with the perspective of the sterile processing technician in mind. This theme came out of Episode 1 of Beyond Clean’s new docu-mini-series about the sterile processing industry called “Beyond the Tour.”

Get your CE credit in two easy steps: