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#RemarkableVets from Across the Nation Go Above and Beyond to Make a Difference

At Andersen, we love helping our customers make miracles happen. The best part of any day is hearing how you are changing lives.

We figure if it brightens our day, it will brighten everyone else’s too. So, we decided to share what we’re seeing out there… We are so proud to know so many #RemarkableVets! Please, tell us your #AboveAndBeyond stories.


Uplifting Messages


As the pandemic wears on, veterinary practices across the country are sharing uplifting messages with the public. These messages declare and request care and kindness in a characteristically whimsical fashion, sure to melt frustrated hearts.

Yalesville Veterinary Hospital (CT), an 11-year Andersen customer, reminds everyone “We are in this together” on their entry door.

Partridge Animal Hospital (St. Petersburg, FL), an 8-year Andersen customer, assures their customers they’re open: “We are here for your furry family members.”

New England Veterinary Center and Cancer Care (Windsor, CT), a 9-year Andersen customer, requests continued patience with their curbside drop-off policy, “We are inside for your pets. Please stay outside for us.”

Yalesville Veterinary Hospital’s Social Media:

Partridge Animal Hospital’s Social Media:

New England Veterinary Center and Cancer Care’s Social Media:

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Polite Puppy Reminders


Since the CDC advised everyone to wear a mask in public, people have gotten extremely creative when it comes to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

For some, it’s much more than a trip to the grocery store. Most veterinary staff are wearing PPE for their entire work day. It probably doesn’t feel all that strange to those who routinely work in surgery, but for more customer-facing roles it must feel pretty odd. Like a fish out of water. Or, maybe, a puppy in a coffee filter?

As we all find a semi-comfortable place in this new normal, Guilford Veterinary Hospital (CT), an 8-year Andersen customer, and Theodore Veterinary Hospital (AL), a 16-year Andersen customer, posted these friendly reminders.

Guilford Veterinary Hospital’s Social Media:

Theodore Veterinary Hospital’s Social Media:


Fighting the Good Fight


Although the importance of sanitizing is far from a joke, several of our veterinary customers have made the vitally important also silly and sweet. Way to go!

It is so awesome that these practices are prioritizing infection control AND smiles. Alpine Hospital for Animals (Boulder, CO), a 10-year Andersen customer, and Amigo Animal Clinic (Grand Junction, CO), a 19-year Andersen customer, posted these fun COVID-fighting, sanitizer-welding staff images. We need more smiles these days. So, tell us your #AboveAndBeyond stories!

Alpine Hospital for Animals’ Social Media:

Amigo Animal Clinic’s Social Media:


Vets Helping Humans


Many veterinarians have given what they could to help fight COVID-19 in human hospitals.

Newtown Veterinary Specialists (CT), an 8-year Andersen customer, loaned their mechanical ventilator and extra ventilator supplies to the Danbury Hospital. “We are hoping that our ventilator can help save human lives the way that it has served us to help save pet lives.”

Veterinary Emergency Group (the Boynton Beach, FL office is a 10-year Andersen customer) gathered and donated masks and gowns to the human doctors at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medicine.

BluePearl Veterinary Partners have donated 15 ventilators and some PPE to human hospitals. BluePearl’s parent company has also committed $20M to the COVID-19 response. BluePearl has 80 locations across the country, several of which are Andersen customers – including the New York City location that was the first to donate its ventilator.

That’s amazing! Thank you NVS, VEG and BluePearl.

Newtown Veterinary Specialists’ Social Media:

Veterinary Emergency Group’s Social Media:

BluePearl Veterinary Partners’ Social Media:


Conserving Supplies


Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine (North Haven, CT), a 7-year Andersen customer, recently made some important points, “Veterinary Practices use many of the same drugs and supplies as human hospitals. This has posed significant challenges for all of us as the need to conserve PPE for human health care workers becomes necessary and medication supplies dwindle… Our own Dr. Andrea Looney, has been in communication with much of CT’s veterinary community about the necessity of rationing anesthetic agents.” Thanks for all you’re doing to keep our pets healthy while conserving supplies for human patients during COVID-19.

Central Hospital For Veterinary Medicine’s Social Media:


Strategies for Dealing with COVID-19


Many of our vet customers across the country have been decreasing the impact of the virus in similar ways, such as: reducing business hours, restricting visits to only the most necessary, requiring pet and prescription curbside drop-off/pickup, giving advice via video conferencing, sanitizing more frequently and wearing PPE.

Colorado Canine Orthopedics (Colorado Springs, CO), an Andersen 15-year customer, has gone several steps further. Their staff has split into two teams on three-day rotations that never mingle. On their days at home, the doctors are offering telemedicine.

The split staff was beginning to miss one another so, “The Gold Team decided to leave the Pink Team some little surprises around the clinic just for fun…. The surprises included some rubber duckies. The Pink Team decided to put the rubber duckies to good use…”

Colorado Canine Orthopedics’ Social Media: