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Why Plastic Surgeons Love Andersen

2 Leading Plastic Surgeons,
1 Reason to Love Andersen:
“It saves my practice money!”

Plastic surgeons also love:
ROI in just a few months, tabletop, free support & training, only 17.6g of gas/cycle

Andersen Sterilizers’ systems are the ideal solution for plastic surgeons as they satisfy all your practice’s top challenges and requirements.
  • Limited Budget → Affordable
  • Staff Training → Free for Life
  • Expensive Instruments to Sterilize → Versatile (delicate hand pieces, fiber optics, plastics, metal, rubber & more)
  • Staff Safety → Simple & Easy to Use
  • Limited Space → Tabletop Sterilizer
  • Efficiency → Only 17.6g of gas per cycle
  • Support → Gas Sterilization Expert Available 24/7
  • Installation Expense → Simple Installation

We reached out to two prominent plastic surgeons who consider their Andersen sterilizer one of the most critical, cost-effective investments made for their practice. And, the quickest investment to recoup its value. But don’t take our word for it – here’s what they had to say!

Dr. Joseph P. Hunstad, MD, FACS
H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery –
Charlotte, NC
Video 2 min.

Practicing: 29 years / Andersen Sterilizer User: 20 years

Dr. Eric I. Egozi, MD
Egozi Plastic Surgery Center
Tampa Bay, FL
Video 2 min.

Practicing: 15 years / Andersen Sterilizer User: 2 years

Don’t have time to watch the quick videos above & just want the highlights? ↓

How quickly did you see a return on investment for your Andersen Sterilizer?

(In the 20 years Dr. Hunstad has been an Andersen customer, he has used both the Anprolene system and the EOGas 4 heated-cycle system.)

Anprolene: “They recoup their value within a couple of weeks.” [Watch]

EOGas 4: “We probably recouped the benefit from that within a couple of months.” [Watch]

– Dr. Hunstad

What do you sterilize in your Andersen system?

When very delicate instruments are run through repeated steam sterilization cycles, they deteriorate. They tend to fail. They get worn. Rust occurs because of the water environment and it’s really a problem.” [Watch]

“Steam autoclaving really deteriorates the quality of (delicate instruments), whereas gas autoclaving is fantastic because it preserves the sharpness and integrity of these instruments.” [Watch]

– Dr. Hunstad

“Items we can’t put into an autoclave – fiberoptic equipment, fiberoptic cords, plastic cords, disposable fiberoptic equipment, and plastic equipment we try to use more than once. We use it for gauze, for all metal equipment as well but, in particular, plastic equipment and fiberoptic equipment – it works very, very well.” [Watch]

“It holds five times what we can in a typical Midmark autoclave.” [Watch]

– Dr. Egozi

Want to hear more from Dr. Hunstad? We don’t blame you! Here’s a more extensive interview, just for you…

Dr. Joseph P. Hunstad, MD, FACS
H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery –
Charlotte, NC
Video 2 min.

Practicing: 29 years
Andersen Sterilizer User: 20 years