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What is an Andersen sterilizer’s “useful life?”

Andersen Sterilizers all have a 10-year useful life

The useful life of all Andersen sterilizers is 10 years from the date of manufacture.

Useful life refers to the time-period during which Andersen Sterilizers will maintain a spare parts inventory and provide field service to repair the sterilizer.

Fun fact: the useful life for similar devices is typically set at seven years.

The Lot/Series Number on the back of the sterilizer indicates the year the sterilizer was manufactured. For example, the first two numbers of the Lot/Series Number 210659 indicate the sterilizer was manufactured in the year 2021.

With the rapid changes in electronics technology, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain suitable replacement parts to keep these older sterilizers operating as originally designed. While Andersen systems have a deserved reputation for reliability, increased regulatory scrutiny in the industry has led to our decision to phase out support for systems older than 10 years.

Andersen is committed to supporting our customers’ sterilization needs to the best of our ability and we truly appreciate long-time customer loyalty.

We recognize the impact product obsolescence has on your operation. To make this transition easier, Andersen is offering special Loyalty Trade-In Discounts for owners of these older systems.

Additionally, take advantage of the IRS Tax Code Section 179 which allows businesses to deduct equipment purchases during the tax year.

Both can be combined with seasonal promotions when they are offered.

These days, everyone is trying to save money. However, before you purchase a used Andersen Sterilizer, please contact us with the unit’s lot number. We can tell you exactly where it is in its life cycle. If it is past its useful life, the sterilizer would end up being useless to you; as we could not sell you gas or other consumables.

For further details, please contact your Andersen Account Representative.