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EO Helps Dr. Hoch, and her Instruments, Maintain their Cutting Edge

Jennifer Hoch, DVM, opened Mobile Veterinary Surgical Services (MVSS) out of Oak Ridge, NC in March of 2020. Steve Brown, Northeast Accounts Representative, visited with her recently to see how things were going [watch full interview].

Because she’s a mobile surgeon, Dr. Hoch and her vet tech, Kristie, have to do all their sterilization at “homebase” before going out. They do one or two large cycles each week in the MVSS Anprolene AN74j.

Dr. Hoch said EO’s ability to sterilize gently and effectively allows her practice the ability to save significant resources normally spent on equipment purchasing and maintenance.

“As a surgeon, [EO sterilization] has been very beneficial to me, so I can use equipment that is a lower cost and get more use out of it and also re-use things [like cautery pens, staplers for skin, hemaclips] so that way I am not replacing those items as frequently – to keep my overhead down and also to be more beneficial to the environment.” (watch)

Jennifer Hoch, DVM
MVSS – Oak Ridge, NC

Dr. Hoch said she, and other practitioners who use the method, find EO does not dull sharp edges on items like dental burrs and instruments, scissors and saw blades. She also mentioned that she noticed sterilizing vet wrap in the autoclave makes it sticky, gummy and hard to handle. She now prefers to sterilize vet wrap with EO.

“I feel so much more confident in EtO sterilization as opposed to something like cold sterilization – which is an alternative, and a lot of people will use that for things like skin staplers. But I would much rather pop it into my gas sterilizer where I know it is sterile and I can handle it with sterile gloves and feel confident in that – versus something like cold sterilization.” (watch)

Jennifer Hoch, DVM
MVSS – Oak Ridge, NC

Watch the full interview to hear all the ways EO sterilization is helping MVSS keep its cutting edge and hit its bottom line. Thanks, Dr. Hoch, for taking the time to talk with us! If you’re curious how EO could help your practice, please reach out to our gas sterilization experts today.

Watch full interview: