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Andersen Sterilizers Invests in a New Humidichip Assembly Machine

Humidichip assembly machine

Haw River, NC – Andersen’s manufacturing team recently welcomed a newly commissioned Humidichip assembly machine that will increase production of the consumable by 400%. After about 6 months to build and ship, it has now been crane lifted to its new home in Andersen’s manufacturing headquarters in Haw River, NC.

“The new humidichip machine is one of many investments we’ve made in the company this past year,” said Andersen President and CEO, Ted May. “Our manufacturing facilities are expanding to meet the growing demand of the diverse markets we serve. We look forward to giving everyone a virtual tour this Spring – stay tuned!”


What’s a Humidichip, anyway?

Running a successful ethylene oxide sterilization cycle depends on time, temperature and gas concentration. One other key component of a successful cycle is maintaining adequate humidity – as desiccated bacterial spores may become resistant to ethylene oxide sterilization.

The Humidichip ensures adequate Relative Humidity (RH). Each single-use pre-moistened 2″ x 2″ Humidichip releases up to 4 grams of water vapor. Designed and manufactured in-house for use with Andersen’s Anprolene and EOGas 4 sterilizers.

It’s a small item, but vitally important for ensuring successful sterilization cycles for our customers.