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No Way—They Refuse To Get On The Struggle Bus

By Karen E. Butler, Marketing & Communications

Angel (center back) poses with her Accessories Team, including Cassandra, Naomi, Kathy, Ritchie, Karen, Dominick, Teddy, Lynn, Nisey, and Regina.

The world today seems overwhelmed by the hassles of daily life—rising prices, misplaced keys, family friction, work woes, and on it goes. While many stress out over the small stuff—big stuff, too—Angel Flake, Accessories Manager, and her team seemingly shrug off life’s pesky setbacks, choosing instead to “stay off the struggle bus.”

“It took us a while to get here,” Angel admitted. “Two years ago, the struggle was real, but over time we’ve managed to put things into proper perspective and manage things well today.”

When she was 18 years old, Angel joined Andersen in Tubes and Pumps. It was 2000 and she had just given birth to her firstborn, a daughter. However, when her baby girl was diagnosed with a chronic medical condition, the job at Andersen fell through. 

“Both my Nanny and aunt worked here at Andersen,” she recalled. “It seemed like the natural next step for me. But because of my daughter’s many medical appointments, I found myself calling out more than calling in.”

Even so, 16 years later Angel returned to Andersen to work in Consumables. She was there for about a year before transitioning to Accessories to work as an assembler. In 2020, Angel was promoted to manager—a role she prizes and in which she thrives.

“I love my team,” shared Angel, whose daughter, Karlee, works in injection molding at Andersen. “I’ve got a good group of people. We work very well together, and it helps us get along as well as we do.”

Angel puts a lot of thought into how she pairs staff together, ensuring that personalities and skills “vibe” well.

“I have staff who like to chat while others—not so much,” she said. “In as much as it is possible, I make sure teammates are comfortable with one another; that usually results in increased productivity and elevates team spirit.”

Researchers say chronic daily stress can lead to a myriad of health concerns. However, studies show that we can train ourselves to choose not to sweat the small stuff. Experts tell us to consider every struggle or hassle an opportunity to choose reasoning over emotion. And, so it seems, that’s exactly what Angel and her team are doing.

And yes, today, if you find yourself on the “struggle bus” with its nagging worries and woes, take a cue from Andersen’s Accessories team and get off at the next stop.

“Angel and her team members regularly assist other manufacturing departments to support Production Plan requirements for our business,” says Ethan Marshall, Director of Manufacturing Operations and Angel’s supervisor. “They support other departments with the same positive approach that they bring into our Accessories Department every day, and their assistance is welcomed and appreciated by our other departments.”