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How We’re Different

How we’re different

Andersen was founded by Dr. Harold W. Andersen, a surgeon from New York. Dr. Andersen invented a better apparatus for gastric drainage in the course of his clinical work at Bellevue Hospital in New York City.

He refused to concede available technology was “good enough.” When patients were harmed by poorly designed gastric tubes, he designed a new and far superior one. When there wasn’t a safe and effective way to sterilize those tubes he designed a revolutionary way to do just that. 

Dr. H.W. Andersen has over 90 patents in his name. He is now well into his 90s and has never stopped pushing the scientific and technological envelope. Dr. Andersen’s focus on innovation and the drive to move far past “good enough” permeates the culture here at the company that bears his name.

Dr. HW Andersen
Monitoring Accessories

With many sterilization methods, users have to just hope and believe that the method is effectively sterilizing and that it is not leaking into the surrounding area. That wasn’t good enough for Dr. Andersen. He insisted on tools to monitor both the effectiveness of each sterilization cycle and staff exposure.

Furthermore, he insists that his sterilizers remain affordable. “Our company is trying to make it clear that you could be certain that you have a sterile instrument to use EVERY time. Not 99% of the time, but every time.” Affordability should not be a barrier to quality of care or, indeed, to a clinician safeguarding their practice from liability.

Andersen has committed significant time and resources to gaining FDA clearances on several cabinets and accessories. We hold the first and only clearance for terminal sterilization of duodenoscopes – up to 11.6 feet long and down to 1.2 mm diameter (that’s very long and very narrow). We knew our sterilization method was capable of this, but gaining the FDA clearance demonstrates the scientific rigor backing our claims.

Through the years, Dr. Andersen has also placed great emphasis on training and relationship-building. Both internally for staff and externally for customers. 

In many companies, after the sale you never hear from them again. That’s not the case with Andersen. Your “sales rep” becomes your account manager and your primary contact for questions, advice and training. Operator training has always been included free of charge for the life of the sterilizer.

This is one of Andersen’s key strengths and why many of our customers have been with us for over 20 years!

We love being a part of what you do. “Helping our customers perform miracles.” It’s one of the main things that gets each of us out of bed every morning. Enabling you is a true privilege. 

Please let us know how we can improve. We continue in Dr. Andersen’s tradition of pushing the envelope and want to know when there are growth opportunities.

Norman Lyons, account rep, gives a training

Andersen Companies

The Andersen family of companies is headquartered on a more than 100-acre property in Haw River, NC – Health Science Park. Between six buildings, nearly all functions of the company are carried out on the property – including manufacturing of the sterilizers and accessories, sales and marketing, customer service and administration. 

A few years ago, we decided to unify our brand under the name Andersen Sterilizers. We (and everyone we came in contact with) were staggering under the weight of a half dozen company names and several more nicknames. These companies are legal entities so you may see them referenced. But generally we just refer to our family of companies collectively as Andersen Sterilizers or simply as Andersen.

  • Haw River, NC

Andersen Sterilizers – Sales
Andersen Products “AnPro” – Manufacturing
H.W. Andersen Products of California “AnCal” – US Western States Sales

  • Morrisville, NC

Andersen Scientific “AnSci” – Contract Sterilization

  • United Kingdom

H.W. Andersen Products, Ltd. “Limited” – UK, Australia, Africa & Middle East Sales

  • France

H.W. Andersen SARL – Europe Sales

Made in the USA

What does “Made in the USA” really mean? Companies can get squirrely with this designation. For Andersen, it means a great deal. 

For one, it means our master craftsmen build your sterilizer cabinet from locally-sourced stainless steel. Stainless steel is a tricky material to work with and it takes a lot of know-how to assemble a perfect cabinet. Leonidas is one of our master craftsman, He has worked at Health Science Park from the very beginning – he even helped lay the foundation!

We also have craftspeople making our various accessories – like the Dosimeters – and technicians working machines filling our EO ampoules/cartridges and making Humidichips.

Whenever possible, we source our manufacturing components from the US. Supply chain woes caused by COVID-19 inspired us to find even more state-side vendors.

Field Service Department

Serviced from the USA

Bottom line: At Andersen, “Made in America” means not only do we make our sterilizers and most of our accessories here in Haw River, but also the vast majority of the “guts” of what goes into our products are also made in the USA.

Beyond that, you will be served by people not just based in the US – but actually us. That’s right. No third party call centers or field service companies. 

When you buy a product like a sterilizer, you are entering a relationship. It may not seem like that’s what you’re signing up for but, for better or worse, you will need to seek staff training, periodically ask questions and purchase gas and other accessories. 

When you buy a sterilizer from Andersen, you’re entering into a relationship with a small, family owned company. We have many customers who have chosen to stay in a relationship with us for over 20 years.

What kind of company do you want to maintain a relationship with?


Andersen has over 60 years experience in this highly regulated industry. In addition to our 18 FDA clearances and five regulatory marks and approvals, we have won two national awards for our ultra efficient and low emission technology in 2020.

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