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Anprolene Line

Affordable, Versatile, Room Temperature, Tabletop

Anprolene, Andersen’s most popular sterilizer line, offers room temperature terminal sterilization using 90% less gas than any other system. Easy to install and use, Anprolene sterilizers are your most cost-effective, gentle and compatible infection control solution.

The Anprolene line has two series to choose from

Why Ethylene Oxide (EO/EtO) Sterilization?

Ethylene oxide is the gold standard in sterilization. It offers hospital-level sterility assurance (10⁻⁶) along with
unparalleled gentleness and material compatibility.

Why Andersen?

Affordable icon


Low acquisition and per cycle cost. Inexpensive installation requires no external air compressors or steam lines.


Maximum performance, minimum gas. Just 17.6g of EO – 90% less gas than any other sterilizer on the market.


Delicate instruments, electronics, drills, fiber optics, hand pieces, cameras, plastic, fabric, cellulose and rubber.

Easy to use

The simple interface makes using our sterilizers a breeze. Set it and forget it. Plus free training for life.