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AN1004.16 EOGas 4 Refill Kit

The AN1004.16 EOGas 4 refill kit comes with cartridges, liner bags, Humidichips and Dosimeters for 14 cycles. Each cartridge contains 17.6g of EO for use in the corresponding 35-liter liner bag (sterilization chamber). 

Hermetically sealed glass EO ampoule is encased in a robust polyurethane cartridge. The addition of the trigger guard and safety seal provides a double layer of protection against accidental activation.

AN1004.16 EOGas 4 Refill Kit = 1 kit. 14 (35 l) sterilization bags / 14 (17.6g) EO cartridges / 14 Humidichip® relative humidity stabilizing chips / 14 EOGas Dosimeters®

Unit of Measure: 1

Pack type: box

Case qty: 1