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A Small Department Playing A Big Role

Andersen Purchasing Department
By Karen E. Butler, Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Pictured from left to right: Robin Jones, Purchasing Manager, and Procurement Specialists Delicia Jeffries and Sandra Loy.

Robin Jones joined Andersen in Purchasing in March of 1997. She had recently left a similar position working for a medical glass company in Wilmington, so her transition to a medical device company was seamless. With more than 30 years of experience under her belt, Robin and her extraordinary team work together like a well-oiled machine.

“My teammates are hardworking—real go-getters,” shared Robin, whose colleagues include Procurement Specialists Delicia Jeffries and Sandra Loy. “They are key to everything we accomplish. I’m just here to guide them.”

A self-proclaimed “people person,” Robin prizes the relationships she has built with Andersen’s suppliers. Over the years, Robin has worked diligently to cultivate lasting connections that benefit Andersen and its suppliers.

“I’m honest and upfront with everyone,” she said. “It’s essential. I know our suppliers appreciate my transparency because honesty creates in trust.”

The Purchasing team has a keen understanding of Andersen’s business needs. Robin is dedicated to securing quality suppliers and negotiating competitive contracts. She sometimes finds that staff do not prepare in advance for their needs. She said that if there is one thing staff may not understand, it’s the ongoing issues involving the supply chain and the challenging barriers Andersen encounters when attempting to secure products quickly.

“With the U.S. going into an election year, I expect supply chain issues to only worsen,” said Robin. “If that’s not enough, the conflict in the Middle East is sure to impact petroleum-based products. Staff need to be strategic, placing orders well in advance rather than waiting until they are out of product and in need.”

Just over a year ago, Purchasing launched a new process for purchasing and expediting. Every purchase now requires staff to first enter the purchase into a Requisition Log located in M-Files. Robin shares some helpful tips below and recommends going to M-Files and searching Purchasing and Expediting for a step-by-step guide on the process.

Robin and her team are always ready to help with all purchasing issues. For assistance, email Delicia or Sandra.