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A Message From Our President

A Year In Review

Dear Andersen Colleagues,

As we enter the 2023 holiday season, now is an excellent time to reflect on the many accomplishments that have occurred this year. Throughout 2023, we continued to grow revenues and expand operations. We are making an indelible mark on the sterilization industry, both domestically and across the globe. 

As of September 2023, Andersen Products’ sales had grown by 16.4% from the same period in 2022. Products is on track to have a record sales year of just under $12M in 2023. This is a huge undertaking and deserves recognition. The Andersen Sales Team has grown its customer base and is active at trade shows and various professional organizations.  

Within Andersen Products, Andersen’s International business grew at a phenomenal rate of over 8.0% through September 2023. International is projected to top $4M in sales for 2023. This sales activity complements Andersen’s domestic business. In 2021, Andersen made a strategic decision to reinvest in the international markets and executed new distribution agreements with all distributors. This increased emphasis and collaboration with our international partners has strengthened relationships and continues to grow our international business. 

AndCal has seen its business grow exponentially with increased customer orders and contracts. AndCal’s sales were up 39.6% for the first nine months of 2023. With this growth, AndCal is on track to surpass sales of $4M in 2023 for the first time.   

Andersen Scientific completed a large contract for endoscope sterilization. This contract was a hugely successful venture and has opened the door for future possibilities around the globe with various scope manufacturers. Additionally, Scientific has completed many customer sterilization validations during 2023. In total, Scientifics’ business for the first 9 months of 2023 is up over 77% from the same period in 2022. Scientific is projected to have sales of just under $3M for 2023. 

As of November, our Field Service Department has billed more than $500K, the highest Service Department revenues ever recorded in Andersen’s history. This record amount has resulted in an expanded profit margin. Field Service projects over $600K in billings before the end of the year. 

The Andersen Support Departments deserve much credit since without support departments, the sales results mentioned above could not have happened. Customer Service, Shipping, QA, Regulatory Affairs, Accounting, Engineering, Production, Facilities Planning, Public Relations & Marketing, Purchasing, Human Resources, Maintenance and Housekeeping have all worked hard to support our production and sales staff. This team effort has made 2023 a special year. 

I would be remiss if I did not mention our Anprolene Team, which went above and beyond with September’s “Ampoule Fest” event. Over 70,000 ampoules were produced in September alone, which is a monthly production amount for the record books. This effort helped resolve a multitude of backorders. Since that record-breaking month, the Anprolene team has continued to meet or exceed its goal of filling 15K ampoules a month. This is truly astounding.

We all take pride in our ability to offer state-of-the-art sterilization solutions to customers here in the U.S. and around the world. I appreciate the dedicated contributions of each and every one of you. As we witnessed, many manufacturers did not survive during COVID. On the other hand, Andersen was able to grow and prosper. This is due to your hard work, tenacity, skill, ingenuity, and commitment to excellence. Thank you for your unwavering dedication. I am proud and pleased with the Andersen team that supports our many customers with the best and most effective sterilization solutions in the world. 2023 has been a fantastic year all the way around for all of Andersen. I look forward to what we will accomplish together in 2024.

William K. Andersen, M.D.