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The Newly Launched Anprolene AN75: A Veterinarian’s (Second) Best Friend

Dr. Andersen introduced his revolutionary Anprolene ethylene oxide sterilizer in the 1960s. Since then, it has become essential infection prevention equipment in tens of thousands of veterinary practices across the globe. And for good reason – they rise to the challenges presented by booming practices like yours every day.

Advantages of all Anprolene systems:

  1. Low acquisition and per cycle cost, achieve quick ROI
  2. Unparalleled compatibility
  3. Easy to install, easy to operate
  4. Tabletop: small footprint, large chamber
  5. Gentle cycle – no steam injection, no deep vacuum
  6. Uses 90% less gas than any other EO sterilizer on the market
  7. Only room temperature system offering terminal sterilization
  8. Instruments can be packaged in a variety of materials for a sterile shelf-life
  9. Active aeration in the same chamber
  10. Proprietary, award-winning technology
  11. Free operator training for life
  12. Zero-emissions abatement available

The new AN75 Series is the most significant upgrade to the Anprolene system since its introduction nearly 60 years ago.

But how can you possibly improve on this precise, reliable and proven classic? We’re so glad you asked.

AN75 Improvements

AN75 touchscreen

Interactive Touchscreen

Your gateway to easy: The AN75 walks you through each step. Haven’t run a cycle in a while? No problem. The machine tells you exactly what to do, reducing the risk of user error and boosting staff confidence.

Once you select your cycle and aeration time, the AN75 will also tell you precisely when the cycle will finish. No math (or guesswork) with the clock and countdown timer. Ahh, the AN75 makes planning your day that much easier.

17.6g microdose EO cartridge comes in the AN7514 Anprolene AN75 Gas Refill Kit

EO Cartridge

Longtime users of other Anprolene systems say they LOVE the new AN75 EO cartridges.

Each robust polyurethane cartridge protects a hermetically sealed glass EO ampoule. The addition of the trigger guard and safety seal provides a double layer of protection against accidental activation. When you’re ready to activate, remove the seal and guard and simply press the button!

AN7514 Anprolene AN75 Gas Refill Kit

Kit Ordering

All the essential AN75 consumables have been conveniently combined into a kit. No need to stress over ordering ala carte.

AN75 with Supervisor Code Request

Supervisor Code

The AN75 enforces best practices by requiring a supervisor code when a user tries to deviate from Instructions for Use.

Integrated biological process challenge device


A Process Challenge Device (PCD) is integrated into the purge probe so the the BI is correctly placed every time. Start conducting biological testing with results you can trust.

AN7514 Anprolene AN75 Gas Refill Kit


The FDA has cleared AN75 sterilization loads wrapped with Tyvek® Sterilization Pouches with Chevron Seal or Sterisheet® for a shelf life of at least three months.

AN4000.05 Accidental Release Bag

Accidental Release Bag

What do you do if you accidentally activate a cartridge? With the new AN75, you just put it into the Accidental Release Bag.

The interlocking bag is attached to a sealed exhaust tube with a quick connect fitting to the sterilizer. Simply place the activated cartridge in the bag, close the high-quality zipper seal on top, and bag contents will safely exhaust into the machine.

FDA Logo


The AN75 is the only FDA-cleared, room-temperature sterilizer on the market. Why should you care?

Put simply, a clearance shows the government agency agrees with Andersen scientists – our sterilizers are safe and effective. Even though you do not work in a setting that demands an FDA-clearance, many of our veterinary customers like knowing our products have undergone rigorous testing that, then, passed a great deal of scrutiny.

PLUS!, you get hospital-grade terminal sterility (10-6 SAL) at a very reasonable price point.

35 L sterilization liner bag

Updated Sterilization Bag

The redesigned 35L impermeable bag maintains consistent gas concentration from the start to end of the cycle. Validated, tested and FDA-cleared for a wide range of products, devices and materials. AN75 users can successfully sterilize larger amounts of variety of materials – as approved by FDA.

A New Classic for the Next Generation Veterinarian

The newly launched Anprolene AN75 gas sterilizer is truly a new classic for the next generation veterinarian and practices just like yours.

The AN75 contains all the features that have made Anprolene the most popular gas sterilizer on the market, plus a set of significant upgrades that make it an even more indispensable tool in a veterinary practice. The Anprolene sterilizer has always been dependable and easy to use – but the AN75 upgrades take these qualities to a whole new level.

Reach out to one of our gas experts today to learn how the AN75 can preserve your instruments, protect your patients and save you money.

Choose Your Adventure

There are Anprolene sterilizers in hundreds of thousands veterinary clinics across the world. Each practice has its own unique challenges and ways that Anprolene addresses them. Click on your type of practice below for the items commonly sterilized and specific testimonials.